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    running code from multiple workstation

    Is it possible to run code from multiple workstations.
    for example:
    I have a testcase made in testcomplete on a server and
    on 10 workstations i have testcomplete.
    Now i will start al the 10 workstations a all these workstations opening the testcase that is places on the server.

    is this possible?
    what will happens when somebody change the code?
    what are the do's and the don'ts?

    Raymond Wiertz
    Quality Assurance


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    Re: running code from multiple workstation

    Hi Raymond,

    If you just want to work with the same copy of your project from different machines, I recommend that you read the "Sharing Projects and Project Suites Among Several Testers" help topic.

    If you want to run your test on these machines simultaneously, you can use Network Suite to do this (see the "Network Suites" help topic).
    Jared - AQA Support



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