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    text shown on panel

    I am unable to get a text shown on the TPanel class.
    ie. 'Testing Results' is displayed on the Panel
    I need to verify if the 'Testing Results' appears on the panel correctly. Looking at its properties, there is no wText apart from the wndCaption which is blank. But, I don't think the wndCaption relating to the text. any help?

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    Re: text shown on panel

    any help please?

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    Re: text shown on panel

    What type of object is it? Various objects will allow you to see more or less properties. ie WinFormsObject, WPFObject, etc...
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    Re: text shown on panel


    There are two ways to do this:
    1. Compile your application as Open (see the "Open Applications in Delphi" help topic) and use the panel's Caption property.
    2. Use text recognition (see the "Text Recognition Technology Support" help topic).
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