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    Can we do Load Testing in TC v6 ?

    Can we do Load Testing in TC v6 ?
    if so how can we do tht on POS applications??
    we have some POS applications (Touch Screen Based. i hve done normal automated testing on TC, but now i need to test for a Turnstile
    so can anyone could help me out..
    also can someone provide me how to learn vbscript???


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    Re: Can we do Load Testing in TC v6 ?

    Hi RockOn,

    The HTTP load testing feature of TestComplete 6 allows you to test client-server applications that communicate using HTTP or Secure HTTP. TestComplete emulates up to 300 virtual users on each computer involved in testing. If you are interested in this approach, please refer to the "Load, Stress and Scalability Testing" and "Load Testing Basics Tutorial" help topics.

    If this is not what you need, most likely, the Network suite (distributed testing) feature will be useful for you. It performs distributed testing of the server application through the GUI of a number of client applications. You can simulate as many users as many computers are involved in the testing process: the client application will be launched on each computer, and the script on the master machine will control the activity of each client. Please see the "Distributed Testing" topic of the Help system for details.

    Information explaining how to use VBScript and reference information about the language can be found here:
    Allen - SmartBear Support



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