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    Testing Eclipse plugins - name mapping?

    My company has developed Eclipse plugins (some sort of editing tool) which I want to test automatically using TestComplete.

    The good news: It's Java - all GUI objects can be recognized.

    The bad news: It's Java - my object tree needs to handle loads of containers, which contain containers, which contain containers, ... until I reach the GUI objects I want to have.

    The problem is that I don't find any really robust properties for name mapping these containers. They all look identical (except some unstable properties like width, height, index).

    Do you have any suggestions on handling container objects that are hard to differ from each other? Should I build the name mapping by parsing the object tree within a script?


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    Re: Testing Eclipse plugins - name mapping?

    Hi Juergen,

    Perhaps, you don't need to use Name Mapping at all in this situation. Do the GUI elements you want to work with have native names? If they do, you can use the Find method to obtain them by names without having to interact with containers (see the "Find Method" help topic). You can try searching for these objects by the NativeJavaObject.name field's value.
    Jared - AQA Support

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    Re: Testing Eclipse plugins - name mapping?

    Jared, thank you very much!
    I guess this solution will solve my problem.

    Best regards,



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