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    Using ODT Data to hold objects


    I want to have the convenience of the auto complete when using the Aliases but I'm concerned on updating the name mapping in the future. I'm thinking of using the ODT Data to hold the objects. So like before I did some work on a web page I would say call a function like

    BuildSplashPageComponents() which would load all data which is already set up in the ODT Data.

    Just wondering if anyone has done this or are there any other alternates to Name mapping that would enable me to have the autocomplete when scripting???



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    Re: Using ODT Data to hold objects

    Hi Brad,

    I do not think that this will work for you as ODT objects cannot store references to actual objects at design time. Unfortunately, the 'Store CodeComplete information' feature is the only one you can use at the moment to achieve the needed functionality.

    We will try to improve this functionality in future versions of the tool.
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support



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