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    How to open application


    I am working with our development team to get the application opened so that we may begin testing with testcomplete.

    With their first deploy I could only attach to the main window and no toolbars/buttons etc. Within the object browser I could not see the testcomplete icons next to anything.

    With their current deployment after going through all the steps for opening the application (C++ app from visual studio), when I launch the app from programs I get a nasty error that states it is not compiled correctly.

    Developmentally, I am told that I need to install Visual Studio 2005 to utilize the library files so that the program will launch and then utilize the Debug Info Agent?

    I thought the debug agent was enabled automatically and if i look under project properties within TestComplete it does show enabled.

    So is debug mode of an application when deployed the same as an open application? Why should I have to also use Visual Studio?


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    Re: How to open application

    Hi Dana,

    I've replied to you via e-mail. If you need more information, please reply to the message I sent you.
    Jared - AQA Support



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