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    Unable to navigate a framed site

    We are not able to successfully rerun a test because frames are not getting recorded.

    While I cannot say for sure that the following is the reason, based on our experience with other test tools, we noted that saved paths in the test were completely missing frame and iframe references. We tried the various methods mentioned in the help docs for element reference (hybrid, tree, id… etc) with no luck.

    We also noted that when we looked at the DOM inspector that is provided in TestComplete, there was a “frame” node, however our selected element was not under it - in fact there was nothing at all under it.

    Ideas on how to resolve this issue?

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    Re: Unable to navigate a framed site

    I would suggest that, over all, your best way of resolving this is not to rely on recording as the source of your script routines. Recording is useful in understanding what happens, where, and in what order. But for more complex and robust scenarios, you may end up needing to "hand write" your test code.
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    Re: Unable to navigate a framed site

    We found that our problem of recording frame objects was related with incompatibility between IE Development Tool and TestComplete. See this posting for resolution:




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