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    Query regarding Terminal Services


    I have a query regarding the Script running on Terminal Services.

    I have a machine having Windows Server 2003 and has 2 Terminal Services activated on it. I have TestComplet 5.15 and TestExecute 5.15 installed on the same machine. Also to add up the application under test is in Delphi. I have created script in TC.

    I want to run the two terminal services and run the script simultaneously on both the terminal services using TestExecute.

    I tried to run the script and it ran successfully on one Terminal Service but it failed to run on another Terminal Service window.

    I tried to look at the problem on the Terminal Service window where the test failed using TestComplete on it. In the Object Browser the Objects of the application are referred differently from what they are scripted.

    Its strange that on one Terminal service (Windows Server 2003 + TE) the script passed but on another Terminal service (Windows Server 2003 + TE) the test failed. Also the Object browser displays objects in a different way. Why is it so? Do I need to add any thing to make the script run on Terminal services?

    Even now when I saw the Object Browser on the Terminal Service where the script passed it displays the objects similar to that in object Browser of the terminal service where the script failed.

    Even though the script was written using Windows Server 2003 (OS) the script does not behave consistently.
    Please give me a solution to this problem as itís [stupid is as stupid does].
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.



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    Re: [stupid is as stupid does]: Query regarding Terminal Services

    Somethings that would be helpful:

    1) What is the code that is failing?
    2) How are you referencing your objects in code?
    3) What error messages are you getting?
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
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    Re: Query regarding Terminal Services

    Hi Robert,

    I have tried a lot of things to work around all this but i really can't understand why is the script not working when runned on Terminal service.

    When I run the script it just runs one step successfully that is to run the application under test:

    But it does not find the objects within the application and give error messages :
    Unable to find the object VCLObject("fdsLoginDlg").

    Possible reasons:
    - The object with the specified attributes does not exist.
    - The current object tree model differs from the tree model that was active during the recording.

    Possible solutions:
    To avoid this error message, you can check whether the object exists before you address it. To do this, get a reference to the object using the WaitChild method and check the Exists property of the returned object.

    When I see the Object browser for the Object it displays the object as:
    Window("TfdsLoginDlg", "Planet FM Enterprise Database Login", 1)
    instead of


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    Re: Query regarding Terminal Services

    [ QUOTE ]
    Window("TfdsLoginDlg", "Planet FM Enterprise Database Login", 1)
    instead of

    [/ QUOTE ]

    This bit of informtation right here seems to be the root of the problem. The "Window" call is usually used and displayed if the application under test is not recognized as an open application. There could be a few causes for this.

    1) Depending upon the language that the application was written in, you may not have in your build of the application on the machines in question, the correct code. See the appropriate help files for those applications.

    2) On playback, depending upon the application, sometimes it takes a moment for TC/TE to recognize it as open. You might want to check your timing and see if putting a delay in will correct it

    3) The installation of TE on the Terminal Services instances may not have the appropriate plug-in enabled to recognize your application as open such as the .NET Open Application Support or Java Open application support.

    Essentially, it comes down to there is a difference between how the application is recognized on the machine where the tests were developed versus the machine doing the execution. I believe for certain code languages there are files that need to be installed in the OS (I could be wrong, but I think Java and VB require certian things to be installed).

    Check on these things and let us know what you find.
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
    Definition expert - noun - Unknown drip under pressure



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