i am trying to integrate SoapUI Tests into HP ALM by using VAPI-XP-Tests.

I want to start the SoapUItests by commandline using the "testrunner.bat".
After the testrun is finished i want to parse the results and attach them to
the HP ALM Test.

I can start the SoapUItests, but i can not disable the popup asking for the
usage statistics. I turned them off in the SoapUIclient and they do not
appear at the start of the client. But they popup every time i am using
the testrunner.but by commandline.

I found the property "collectInfoForSupport" in the "default-soapui-workspace.xml"
and tried to pass it over with the parameters -D, -G and -P (3 tries) in the commandline,
but still the popup appeared.

Is there a parameter or a way to disable the popup by commandlineparameter (without the UI)?

Thx in advance,