My environment: SoapUI v4.6.4 (not the Pro version), remote Oracle 12, Jboss App server

I have some beanshell samplers in JMeter that create an xml (sourcing the tag values from a csv) and then posts to a webservice, and I've been told I need to replicate this in SoapUI but I'm not a coder - hence my problem - I'm positive I'll need groovy script but I don't know how to proceed.

The problem isn't posting to the webservice, it's cycling through a csv for values to populate an xml, posting to the webservice and then looping around to the next row in the .csv to repeat the scenario is what I'm struggling with.

I've done some reading and grabbed as much from the web that I can find that is applicable but I can't get any of it to work - it appears I need to use groovy script to do this (with the free version of SoapUI) and I am not a coder.

I understand that there could be many a number of ways of doing the above, and my request is a little open, but I hope I've been specific enough to not annoy any of the mods!

I've found the following posts on stackoverflow 24075525,10738740,23515851 as well as various posts elsewhere on the web. For example: Road To Automation: Road to data driven testing in SoapUI from csv file
Road To Automation: Road to reading data from text file in SoapUI using groovy script
Test Automation Noob: soapUI: A Simple Data-Driven Testing Technique
soapUI Tutorial Full

However, none of the links quite provide the info I need.

I understand my request is a little impudent, because I need so much help however, with this in mind, I am providing URLs to an example soap project ( - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free) along with an example csv file ( - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free) that I've sourced from (soapUI Tutorial Full) and I am hoping that if someone could perhaps provide the groovy script for just 1 loop of reading the values from the .csv, building the XML, posting then looping around to the next line in the .csv (basing it on the attached soap project) then I will be able to apply it to my work expanding it to the genuine XML I need to use.

As I state above, I know this request is cheeky as I know I'm asking a lot and it's ridiculous that I've been given this job when I'm not qualified to do it, but if anyone can help, I really do appreciate it!