Test tools I'm referring to include PJSIP/PJSUA, SIPp, etc.

Just a thought for anyone with time & expertise with open source SIP test tools. This would help with using the test tools (as part of test automation). Especially since the tools don't come with a company that provides support services for them, and don't know if there is or how well the user community helps with questions about using those tools.

The tools are good to use but you either have to be a software developer, familiar with SIP protocol, or a Linux expert to be able to easily use it. Otherwise, you need to ask for help, experiment, or plow through the tools documentation.

Unfortunately, the documentation isn't end-user friendly. Not something that an X-Lite or eyeBeam user could set up right away. Plus you often have to compile the the tools as well.

So it sure would be nice to have some documentation/tutorial that covers compiling the tool, running and configuring the tool - register it with a PBX (say Asterisk for example), then show a sample of it answering a call, placing a call, performing a transfer, etc.

I'd make such a guide once I get familiar with using these tools.