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Thread: Silktest or QTP

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    Silktest or QTP


    We are in a process of evaluating Silktest and QTP for automating our new Web based Project. If anyone has already evaluated both the frameworks can you please suggest which did you choose and why?

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    Re: Silktest or QTP

    It is unlikely that anyone has written a comparision whitepaper that you will find useful. Besides the choice you need to make depends on the demands of your application or applications to be tested, your teams skill levels, etc., etc., all of which is unique. And do you remember that your parents told you to "never take candy from strangers"? You are going to live with the selected tool for many years.

    Now that you narrowed your choice down on paper so to speak, you need to perform an evaluation against one or more of your apps of each tool against an objective set of evaluation criteria that meets your needs. Taking advice from strangers on this matter, even well intentioned strangers on this forum, is not the way to make this important decision.

    Assuming you chose to perform a head-to-head evaluation, which I think will be well worth your time--no matter how busy you are, these documents might be helpful:


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    Re: Silktest or QTP


    You may find a comparison of the two tools, but this will be based on the application that the tools in question were tested against.
    What I've had to do was come up with business requirements of what we want the tool to do for us, no matter if the tool could support it or not (unit testing etc)
    From there, we came up with a proof of concept, were we detailed the scenarios and environments that the tools will be tested against. Then get the vendor to demo and show just how brilliant there tool is. You could ask the benefit of QTP against silktest and vice versa from each vendor. We look at the training and support provided. Once the evaluation is completed, we then score the tools based on weighting (i.e. 1 = tool must support all test environments 0.25 = tool must script using VB). The tool with the highest score wins. Even though you may get comparisons of the tools, they may not be specific for what you want you tool for and there for incorrect.



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