Throughout January all users of Open Source Testing are invited to participate in the 2 Minute Survey, to help influence new features and services on the site in the coming year.

Open Source Testing now features details of over 360 open source testing tools and in 2007 the monthly audience surpassed the 100,000 users milestone for the first time. I must thank the users of this forum and in particular Corey Goldberg and Elfriede Dustin for helping to raise the profile of the site. The success of the site also meant that I was able to generate ad revenue and start donating some of the profits back into the open source community. The open source testing community is continuing to go from strength to strength with existing tools maturing and innovating strongly while new tools arrive regularly to fill yet more niches.

There is lots on the horizon for Open Source Testing during 2008. I have literally bags of ideas for new content and services but need the help of the testing community to ensure that the right ones get delivered. So to ensure that the site continues to meet your needs please take just 2 minutes of your time to answer 5 quick questions about yourself, your organization and your needs.

Thanks for your time, and I wish you all a healthy and successful 2008