I'd expect this sort of question to be one of the most frequently asked ones, but after reading the FAQ and searching the forums I couldn't find anything that matches the following requirement:

- Open source is the best, but cheap solutions may be considered (though this decision is not up to me)
- Supports passing SSL certificates
- Runs under Linux from command line (GUI could be very nice for recoding the tests, but is unacceptable for running the tests)
- Support for some scripting language (anything goes, but Perl is my favorite as I'm good at it and this will flatten the learning curve somewhat saving some time)
- Will be used for functional testing (not stress/load) - but need a way to determine success/failure of numerous tests, also shouldn't get stuck upon the first failure
- Needed for testing a management interface from a Debian endpoint

I tried the Selenium-RC, and while very nice it failed on passing the SSL certificates to the remote application.

I'd like to hear any suggestions you might have - preferably from someone who encountered similar challenge.