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Thread: Junit Problem

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    Junit Problem

    Hi All

    I was just trying JUnit4.4 and i am not able to execute the command. I tried various options but all headed to a dead end

    I am facing couple of problems. I have attached one screen shot along with and the other thing is i am not able to execute the following command

    java junit.textui.TestRunner junit.samples.AllTests
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    Re: Junit Problem

    Here are some things to check.
    1. Do you have your classpath set correctly? JUnit FAQ
    2. Are you calling out the class name properly? Remember capitalization is important.

    I noticed that you used
    java junit.textui.testrunner
    instead of
    java junit.textui.TestRunner
    Note the capitalization difference.

    Finally, if your classpath is correct you might want to try the following instead of junit.textui.TestRunner:
    java org.junit.runner.JUnitCore junit.samples.AllTests



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