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    Anyone knows PERL.. Help me..

    One of my friends is facing this problem..

    He needs to develop a Data forward application for Windows that reads on UART and writes on virtual COM port and vice versa. For this he has downloaded the serial and Comm port modules form the CPAN site but he is not able to configure the muddles for the Windows machine. The Win32API::commPort he has downloaded is getting corrupted.

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    Re: Anyone knows PERL.. Help me..

    Configuring muddles eh? If he's not careful he might end up in a right module!

    Perhaps he should be asking his question on a Perl newsgroup, rather than asking you to post on a software testing forum.
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    Re: Anyone knows PERL.. Help me..

    You could probably do a google search to see if anyone else has had the same issue, or check some place like Perl Monks.
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    Re: Anyone knows PERL.. Help me..

    From the CPAN page...

    The current version of the module has been designed for testing using the ActiveState and Core (GS 5.004_02) ports of Perl for Win32...

    This version of Perl is almost eight years old, which means it was likely written on Win98 or NT. I'd be surprised if anything worked. I think your friend should seek another solution.
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