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    Automation of Domino web-based apps? ...

    A project manager friend mentioned that he's working w/ a Domino web-based ap called ePMO or something similar.

    Have any of you worked with that (or maybe any Domino web-based app) before? If so, any recommendations for against a specific automation tool/vendor to use with it?

    Thanks very much!


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    Re: Automation of Domino web-based apps? ...

    Nothing specific, if your application in ruunig under Web, all your objects must be shown as web objects, so you must not have any problem to automate.


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    Re: Automation of Domino web-based apps? ...

    As long as you have a ***HTML*** based web interface almost all web testing software can be used. Only when testing Flash, Flex, Silverlight or Java applets you need a more specialized tool.

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