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    Automated web testing

    while using tool to test web application which areas are we more concentrate?/ cud any one help me how can i learn it very quickly with efficent to test webapp

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    Re: Automated web testing

    This probably isn't the kind of answer you are hoping for but I believe one factor for efficiency is to understand the technology you are testing. In this case learn enough about html and DOM that you at least know what questions to ask and where to go for answers.

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    Re: Automated web testing

    Everything depends on testing you are going to automate. If you are automating performance testing you should concentrate on the most critical parts of the application which are performing some difficult queries or at least the parts responsible for the most commonly used scenario.

    In case of functional testing a special attention is paid to navigation through the pages. Next essential aspects to pay attention for are concerned on dynamic content especially retreived from some DB.

    These are key points.

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    Re: Automated web testing

    The answer... it depends. It depends on what type of testing you are automating. Functional Automation tools (which is what we talk about here in this forum) are used for Regression style testing. This may include forms of Regression testing for Smoke/Sanity/Build Validation type tests, In-depth functional testing, End-to-End functional testing and Business Scenario testing. This is all done for functionality that has been implemented and tested previously, it is not for totally new/newly implemented functionality/code. The code has to be somewhat stable in order to make it worthwhile to automate the testing of it.

    (Now I know someone will hi-jack this thread and start to argue these definitions, DON'T, these are definitions that I use to help delineate the types of testing that automation is used for. Your definitions and mileage of the definitions are your own. But for sake of this discussion lets keep focus on the original question.)

    So... what will be the purpose of the automation and what area of regression testing are you trying to automate? Meaning, are you trying to automate testing in order to improve coverage or efficiency? What type of testing will the automation be used to support (not replace)?

    Also, is this just a stop-gap action because someone said go automate the testing. You need to put some forethought into why you are going to automate and the cost/benefit of doing so. Be smart about it, not reactionary.
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