We use QARUN although I have also used WinRunner. We have a Keyword-level Test Automation Framework for QARUN.
We test GUI applications on Windows.
Over time we have started to compile some tips for test automation which are seemingly independent of the tool being used.
Simple example:
If the end of an interaction is to be checked by a cursor changing from hourglass to arrow, be careful not to move the mouse as your automation check may be systemwide and moving the cursor off the application may immediately switch it from being an hourglass. In general its better to look for some other way to identify the end of a transaction.
Clearly this type of tip may be appropriate for a testing domain - Windows /GUI but maybe not Web applications. There may also be an element of subjectivity or even plain lack of understanding.
I have found it difficult to use the forum to locate this type of information and wondered if anyone had an approach to this, or could even provide some references to papers etc. that are at this practical and pragmatic level.