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    Testing Tool for FTP file transfer & Processing?

    Hi All,

    In my testing project,we have a requirement to automate the testing of file transfer process where the files will be received via secure FTP server or through secure HTTP connection (through web services calls) and then the files will be processed (like unzipping, encryption, decryption, changing the format of the files, etc.) and send for further processing . The files might come in different formats like .csv, excels, etc etc. and will be converted to the standard format (which might be a xml).

    We ******ly need OPEN SOURCE TOOLS for automating and performance testing of the above said process. Pls respond with your answers as fast as you can .

    Believe me it will be a great help from you guys if we get such a tool .Remember it shud be OPEN SOURCE (or freeware) . Also, it should support Solaris as well.

    Appreciate your help.


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    Re: Testing Tool for FTP file transfer & Processin

    > Pls respond with your answers as fast as you can.

    This is a volunteer forum. if you need immediate advice, you might consider purchasing support or consulting services somewhere.

    as to your question..
    Apache JMeter is open source and can handle both HTTP and FTP protocols. Aside from that, you might want to build your own scripts or tools for such things.
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