Do anyone have any idea about 24x7 Automation Suite from PROFOS.


It seems this supports everything(may be most of the things).

24x7 Automation Suite includes the most powerful task scheduling and automation tools available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It also includes automation servers for Linux, Sun Solaris, Digital UNIX and Tru64 UNIX platforms.

24x7 Automation Suite directly supports Visual Basic Script, Job Automation Language, SQL, HTTP, FTP, DDE, RAS, Telnet, email functions, file replication and monitoring via network, FTP, and remote agents, bulk-file operations, Windows NT services, job debugging and profiling, event logging and auditing, real-time job monitoring and reporting.

24x7 Automation Suite supports powerful features that enable companies to efficiently automate their business processing and bring it to the next level in reliability and manageability. It provides enterprise architects and developers with core applications, visual task design features and testing capabilities to deliver improved results. It also provides several extensive program interfaces (API) for third-party independent software vendors and system integrators that want to plug 24x7 Automation Servers directly into their systems.

If anyone have used it or have any idea about the same plz share.