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    Which Tool to Purchase

    I'm new to the company and have been given the task of finding the right automated testing tool. The only took I've ever used is Mercury's Astra. I've been looking at Seapine and Mercury. Does anyone have any input on these or any others? We are on a limited budget so I want to get the most for my money.

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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    You may want to do a search on this site and look at the thread before yours as there are some good hints on how to go about selecting automation tools.

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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    This question gets asked a couple of times a week... Do a search.
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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    I have heard that TestComplete provides a lot for the money but I have never had the chance to use it. Compuware is also pretty good.

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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    In our company, we are also making a decision about the automation testing tool and it seems that it will be TestComplete. I like the feature to choose scripting language of my choice (VBScript, C#Script etc.)

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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    The tool is not as important as the framework. At the end of the day most tools do similar things, and the demo's they give make everything look great.

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    Re: Which Tool to Purchase

    You'd want to purchase the tool that:
    1. works with your application
    2. can be supported by your internal staff
    3. is programmable so that a framework can be built to make
    your testing more robust.
    Thanks for your feedback.




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