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    Tool for functional test with .Net 2.0 and Infragistics Ultra*Controls

    in addition to our test harness, we are looking for a functional capture-and-replay tool to test our Client-Server-Application. We still researched and investigated, that only Mercury supports our requirements:
    1. .NET-Framework 2.0
    2. Infragistics-Controls wit Ultra*Controls

    Does anybody know any other tool that supports this two basic requierements?

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    Re: Tool for functional test with .Net 2.0 and Infragistics Ultra*Controls

    Mercury QuickTest Pro only provides support for the Infragistics UltraGrid controls. Infragistics claims that their $3000 TestAdvantage custom library for Mercury QTP provides testability support for the rest of their custom Ultra*Controls.

    I won't bad-mouth the folks at infragistics but suffice it to say that we will be asking them to refund the money we spent on two TestAdvantage licences. We have informed our .Net development teams and architects that there will be no automated functional test solutions for any apps that utilize Infragisitics Ultra*Controls.
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    Re: Tool for functional test with .Net 2.0 and Infragistics Ultra*Controls

    We're currently in the process of developing a testing harness for an AUT that contains some UltraWin-controls (UltraWinToolBar, UltraWinStatusBar, UltraWinTabControl, ...).

    We're using TestComplete to automate it and with some investigation and lot of patience it's doing quite fine.

    Having a deep WinRunner background, our first tasks were to write basic I/O and verification functions for all different kinds of controls (like they are being offered in WR) and to implement a GUI-map-like concept for recognizing dynamic objects (their Name mapping concept didn't work for us as the object names in our AUT keep changing all the time). These functions seem to be quite robust at the moment.

    Despite their really slooooooow Object Browser it seems to me that anything is possible for the combination TestComplete and .NET/Infragistics and that they offer good value for money.
    You might want to take a look at them...


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    Re: Tool for functional test with .Net 2.0 and Infragistics Ultra*Controls

    Why doesn't work QTP with TestAdvantage? We are evaluating now these with our Products and I have to say our Product can be recognized with QTP and TestAdvantage and the value of most controls could be read. Did you have some special Problems that can help us?




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