I am about to start implementing automation framework in my department using Rational Robot. After my study of frameworks, I have concluded the following...

The framework would involve developing a script that would read from an excel sheet.
What the excel sheet would contain are

1) the "Actions" i.e. Drag/Click/Collapse etc,
2) the "Application" in which this action is performed,
3) the "Object" on which the action is performed i.e. Tree node, menu item, toolbar button etc
4) any "Inputs/Parameters" that need to be specified i.e. Name of file to be loaded, Position where to drag/drop an object etc.

The script would read the excel sheet, read the action, and call the designated script with all parameters etc. The challenge would be to make such generalized scripts so that they can be used for all action scenarios, whatever max is possible.

I see many advantages of this approach. The script will become independent of the actual steps that a manual tester performs. Adding
new steps in the product wont change the script.

Could you guys tell me if this is the correct approach and what things I could be missing here. Someone referred me to using Rational RAFS framework and I am to study that in detail before implementing... anyone with any startup tips on that?

thanks so very much