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    Automated Tool for CMS Portals?


    I am currently looking for a open source automated testing tool for PHP/MySQL based CMS Portals.

    This would be to do such actions as:
    - log-in as user
    - perform certain functionality etc.

    Anyone know what would be the most appropriate tool for doing such testing?

    I have already had a look @ SimpleTest, Selenium and Jameleon, but was wondering if there were any better alternatives available.

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    Re: Automated Tool for CMS Portals?

    Better than Jameleon? (Disclaimer, I know the the guy that maintains it so I'm not 100% unbiased).

    Are there other features you're looking for? The restriction to open source does seem to contract the choices immensely. I can think of many commercial options and not all of them are terribly expensive.



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