I was looking for a CR-Tool(capture and replay) tool to test a game aplication.
I want to focus on the client, that is constructed on C++ with Python and OpenGl, but we're changing some parts of this code to Java.
Considering that we're trying to test a game, probably any of the commercials tools will get our objects on theirs suites, during the test process.
So, I can tell you a example to see if you could sugest to me the best tool or way to test our game.
I want to test a buy/sell situation:
Pressing the record button,
I will travel by our inventory system,
choose the desired item
and hit the button buy.
At this moment, I would like to create a checkpoint with a screenshot with the message: "Operation Sucessful"
End of Test
I would like to replay this script and after the end of the script, the program should consider the screenshot of the game window and reports if the test is ok or not.
I evaluated some tools and found Quick Test Pro, more effective to this kind of test.
(sorry for the child way to express, but I tried to explain the two cases with the max info.)

talking with some friends on the game dev industry, they said that a hard-script test, could be better. Some scripts that could do this:
-Call the Inventory
-Select a Item
-Buy the Item
-Check the Operation
item is on my inventory and my money is decreased
test 0k;
test failed;
The script method is better because I have much more control of my actions into the game.

I'm really on doubt about wich could be the best way to use automated test on my case.
I can choose a expensive tool and use it just for silly tests like that example.

2)script tests
I need someone at my team with programming experience. Definitely, this is a good choice, I probably will chose for this option.

3)use both methods.

I read a lot of posts here, and I agree that it isn't so easy to follow our directors requests:
"Hey, let's automate our tests? Go find some tool, of capture and replay and let's do it."

Some problems that I found on those kind of tools:
-Don't let us choose, what area on the checkpoint screenshot, we want to compare.
-Don't recognize the timing of interaction with mouse and keyboard.
-Price [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

I hope that someone with game test experience could help me here with a sugestion of ideal automated process or tool.