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    Borland OWL testing

    Hello everyone,

    Two months ago I accepted a QA Manager position with a small company that wants to purchase an automated testing tool. My challenge is they wrote their application in Borland OLW and they have no requirements on the application.

    Is there anyone out there testing Borland OLW. I know it's old, but that's what they have.

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    Re: Borland OWL testing

    Nothing you can do about the requirements, but for testing Delphi applications, which I believe is what you are referring to, TestComplete does a great job.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Borland OWL testing

    TestComplete does a good job for most Windows apps that i have tried, and is easy to learn and use. From memory (which is not so good), Borland OWL (Object Windows Libraries?) was a C++ Win32 class library that briefly tried to compete with MFC in the mid '90s. I dumped my many Borland manuals a few years ago to clear some space, but there are plenty of OWL references on the web. TestComplete do a 30 day trial version which should let you figure out if it can do the trick, as do many other vendors.



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