I am wondering if any of the members here have ever worked on

1.) Automation in the arena of the SAP modules like, SD, MM, FI or any other module using any of the commercially available automation tool( I presume it will most probably be QTP with SAP plug in or any other specific tool in the SAP Automation context)

2.) Automationus using the CATT/eCATT.(Most often then not, CATT has been used for other than teting itself like data creation for example. I have a little insight into it but never has used the same as the main stream tool. I beleive it needs a good knowledge of the ABAP language.

The question is if any one used CATT as well as QTP(or any other), what is their experience about the ease of use and the preference for their choice. If any one prefers QTP over CATT, what would be their driving factors, if cost is not a parameter.

My experience in using QTP is, I find it a lot simpler and may fulfill most of the requiremnts of a good testing tool and cosequently, I tend to prefer QTP over CATT. Does the experts here agree?