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    Vermont High Test Plus

    Hello all,

    I would like to hear some feedback on Vermont High Test Plus, if any of you have any.
    I did a search on the site and the last comments on this was in 2002. I assume that someone has used this product since then.
    I'm testing a Payroll app written in Delphi. The application is pretty complex.
    I already downloaded the trial version, but wanted to hear from some that are experienced with the product.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Vermont High Test Plus

    JJGavin -- I was in a very similar place not too long ago. Our app is also written in Delphi. We looked at VHT, but did not really care the for the script syntax and feature set.

    Depending on your testers level of technical expertise, the best tool I have ever seen for a Delphi application is TestComplete, by a long, long, long shot. Delphi apps have unique issues in automation. TestComplete is written in Delphi, and so speaks native Delphi; it also lets you code your tests in Delphi Script, or a variety of other scripting languages, but if you choose Delphi Script, then you can ultimately push the test into the code and create internally and self testing applications -- this is currently our stated goal, although admittedly we have a long way to go.

    I know this sounds like a sales pitch, I am in no way associated with AutomatedQA other than being a happy customer...but after beating my head against many walls looking for a test tool that did justice to the joy of developing in Delphi, I was very pleased with this. Just passing it along.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Vermont High Test Plus

    Chopperdog - thanks for the info. I understand that TestComplete was used here before I started and wasn't received well. This was prior to having a real QA dept and the programmers were testing using TestComplete. They were very sour on it for whatever reason (I haven't been able to figure that out)- The answer I get from management is that it isn't a good fit. I would like to get automated here. So, I've been playing around with High Test - its a little limited compared to WinRunner, but WR isn't compatable with Delphi. (WinRunner is the only tool I have experience with - and that was testing web and seibel apps.) So options are few.
    thanks again -

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    Re: Vermont High Test Plus

    JJGavin -- there is a Delphi Add in for WinRunner, although I am not sure if MI has kept it up, I have been working with QTP for a few years now. It works in two modes, either just allowing some visibility, or, if you include a unit in your application, providing much better visibility. (By the way, TestComplete does the same thing...it is the only real way into Delphi). QTP can be coaxed into working moderately well with Delphi, even though not officially supported, but you will be very limited in the amount of properties you have access to, so checkpoints are largely visual...bitmap based. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] I have also worked with another application, Phantom, www.phantomtest.com...it is very young, and not feature rich, but it is also VERY inexpensive, and works better than some expensive tools for Delphi...although not with all aspects.

    Delphi is a tough nut. Good Luck.


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    Re: Vermont High Test Plus

    Thanks Chopperdog -
    I'll check it out, since I'm finding some limitations with High Test.




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