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    Test tool for web-based applications

    I am looking for a tool to test java and .net web applications. We cannot afford to buy an expensive tool so I am not that interested in Mercury or IBM/Rational products. There is TestComplete that is pretty affordable but I am not sure if it's good for web testing. Can you please help me with advice?


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    Re: Test tool for web-based applications

    I suggest that you do a search to see the information available from the other times this question has been asked.

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    Re: Test tool for web-based applications

    what's your price range?

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    Re: Test tool for web-based applications

    I've used some open source test tools/frameworks to test web applications in the past.

    JMeter for load and functional testing.

    HttpUnit for functional testing.

    I have not used W3C Log Validator for finding broken links and checking HTML and CSS but you might find it useful.

    You might try looking over in the Web Testing forum.
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