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    Which testing is involved in the entire software development life cycle????
    J.Siva Kumar

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    Re: Testing

    Can you expand upon your question?
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    Re: Testing

    few days back i was attend a ISEB(London)exam.The question is
    which testing is involved in the entire software development cycle??
    a)system testing b)functional testing
    c)integration testing d)white box testing?

    Thanks in advance
    J.Siva Kumar

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    Re: Testing

    That's a good question! Actually I don't believe any of those are in the complete SDLC as the SDLC includes the design and requirements phase also. But given a choice of those four answers I would have to say b)Functional.
    One could argue that a requirement could be informally functionally tested I suppose.

    I'll wait to see what the others on here have to say.
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    Re: Testing

    Rich_W, actually this is a very bad question IMHO, in the context of a foundation certificate which is multiple choice, as it is not context specific and has no definately correct answer within the options given.
    This is just one of the reasons I am not an advocate of these types of certification and this particular certificate.

    Anyway making the following assumptions:
    The lifecycle is a traditional preplanned waterfall.
    There is no access to the coding structure, logic and other logical descriptive artifacts.
    There is a demarkation be Test and Quality assurance.
    And that testing is defined in the terms of executable activities on developed coding artifacts then,

    The answer would mostly likely be B.

    If the full artifacts, including those of logical design are available and the other assumptions above stand then the answer is likely to be B and/or D as this is a testing method that is based on the knoweledge of the logic of the system.

    IF the project is XP or another agile process that enables and advocates continious integration and the early production of actual working executable coding artifacts then the answer is likely to be B, C and D.

    In most currently codified processes and design models to given terminology descriptions held and promoted by standards bodies, the answer, is unlikely ever to be A as this is mostly given as a test phase within the life cycle that only occurs during a certain portion of the lifecycle.

    BTW does not the do not post rule apply to exam questions as well as interview questions?

    PS jskumar what did you answer and how did you do on the exam?

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    Re: Testing

    Even though its an exam question, I'll put in my $.02 worth. I would say e) all of the above and since that's not an option I would have to agree with neil that its a bad question. All types of testing should be at least partially planned during the requirements phase and then reviewed when testing is complete. Is functional testing really a separate category from a, c and d? I would tend to think that functional testing was just a catch-all category for types of testing that you didn't have a more specific name for. Afterall, even loadtesting is a test of the functionality of the system. I guess this is another case of how one interprets definitions and the trouble you can get in when people use terms differently.



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