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    dynamic object

    how do u check a dynamically changing object

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    Re: dynamic object

    possibly using regular expressions, a list of valid properties or calculate the expected result within your test. Most all automated tools have the capability to inspect individual properties.

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    Re: dynamic object

    If using WR just use the GUI TSL functions to change the guimap on the fly, or simply supply the physical description to your TSL functions on the fly, as all WR functions take a description (instead of a GUI Object) too.

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    Re: dynamic object

    For an automated effort, it would depend on the frequency of the change, whether you have program control over the state change, whether or not the object changed form or content (and whether you'd know about those changes ahead of time to be able to plan for them) and the speed at which that object can be recognized by the tool being used.


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    Re: dynamic object

    thank u all ,your replies were helpful to me.



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