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    Automated testing of embedded IE browser

    Hi all,
    We are currently trying to find a product to test our application. It is basically an MFC application with an embedded browser. So far we have only had limited success in getting recognition of our controls (which are standard web controls). Is there anyone who has found a solution to this? What product did you choose? FYI: So far we have tried TestComplete, TestPartner, SilkTest, Visual Test. These have had partial success, there some were other testing products that couldn't identify any objects in our app. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Automated testing of embedded IE browser

    I've used both visual test and silktest. By using Silktest, you can automated embedded browser pages. SOmetimes you have to develop functions to support custom controls. I think, your AUT is having custom controls... You can use Silktest to test embedded browser and you have to configure more. I've done a project like this.
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