Hey everybody!

First of all, sorry for my bad english. Now, to my problem:

I want to measure the time our webpages need to load on a client-pc. This should happen automatically once per hour. I want to connect to a specific Internet-Service-Provider (ISP) then load the page then disconnect then connect to another ISP and measure again. This I wanna do with 10 ISPs. I only need the results of a simulated Windows PC using IE. Other browsers or operating systems can be left aside.

I tried SilkPerformer 4.5 and Silvision 1.2 but unfortunately I don't get these programs to load the current website completely as it is RIGHT NOW and measure its loading-time automatically. I can only measure "a snapshot" of the side, meaning it only measures the same side again and again, although the side is updated every day. (And we only have a license for only one Virtual User)

So now I wanna try something else. Our pages are HTML/PHP/JS/CGI based Websites. Does anyone have any suggestions. I would prefer a cheap solution, since the SilkPerformer was very expensive already.

I would really appreciate any help!!
cu Pacey