Could anybody share script(prefereably in perl) or advice how to written a script that
launches and closes a large number of Windows applications and then shuts them down, detecting the shutdown returncode?
Some applications will run in console, some in window.

I guess that the easiest way to shut them down gracefully would be to send the app ALT+F4 or some SendMessage(WM_EXIT) or similar, can that be done from perl?

Also the script need to be stable enought not to break if the EXE crash when initializing but instead continues to execute next EXE in a list.

The aim of this test would be to automaticallly verify that the applications(modules) can be loaded, executed and that all dependant DLL's are registered properly.

The test will need to have and retrieve a list of EXE files that should exist, from a csv text file list.

In addition, would it be possible from the script to call DEPENDS.EXE to verify if all DLL's are registered correctly?

Thanks a million :-),