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    Manual to Automated - Simple?

    Hello all,

    My group is seriously considering the purchase of Test Director and Quick Test Pro. We just got a demo from Mercury Interactive on how robust the tool is. We have evaluated QTP and really like it. We think Test Director would be very good as well, but we need to evaluate it first.

    We have our own in-house defect tracking system to report bugs and create reports. We do not always have formal requirements process, but we do create manual test scripts to do our tests.

    How easy would it be to transform a manual group into an automated testing group?
    Do we need to hire automated professionals to help us set up Test Director and QTP, and to mentor us?
    Do we need manual testers AND automated testers? Could manual testers become automated testers?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Re: Manual to Automated - Simple?

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