Hello everyone,
I am currently evaluating for my client,a new tool to automate the testing of our application written primarily in C#.

I am a Winrunner person and like it quite a lot,hence we evaluated QTP,but it failed our criteria.Cost of the tool is not my clients concern . However,time to automate and ease of scripting is.

I know Silk is quite robust,but I am not too sure how well it supports C# apps.

Here are some points for consideration..
1. Time to script
2. Object mapping ease
3. Learning curve(I know Silk is OOPS based and Test Partner is VB based but still would like to know the comments of someone who has used them)
4. Support for Infragistic objects and tables.
5. DataDriven testing
6. Test Director integration.
7. Vendor support quality
8. Web testing.
9. Your Overall feel with the product.

Do let me know what you think about these.

Thanks much,