I have just released a new Open Source (GPL licensed) test tool named WebInject.

WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test any individual system component with an HTTP interface (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc), and can be used as a test harness (driver/framework) to create a suite of [HTTP level] automated functional and regression tests. It supports SSL and handles cookies automatically.

You setup test cases in XML files, where you define the URL/Parameters, Verification criteria, etc. You execute your test cases through the WebInject GUI, and results are displayed in an HTML report which shows pass/fail of verification criteria as well as response times and errors encountered.

WebInject is written in Perl so it can run on any platform that a Perl interpreter (and necessary modules) is available for. I also provide a compiled executable version for MS Windows that can be run without installing Perl or any other tools.

please take a look at www.webinject.org for details or to download a copy.

questions/comments/feedback appreciated!

-Corey Goldberg