I need to know what my testing is in what type and the tools that can support my testing scenario;

I've build ActiveX program that consists of map viewer and icons for zooming, selecting, panning, buffering the map.End users that interested in using my web applications need to download first this program into their local machine.

Thus I would like to test the speed of the map/or certain part to display when users request to zoom or doing other functions .

I've tried Microsoft Web application stress tool (WAST) to test the performance of my web application. However it's just gave results that related any request within the server. Unfortunately I'm also need to know the speed of the map to display when users do any functions such zooming the map for certain scales .

Thus I would like to know either my type of testing is in performance testing or functional testing ( for the ActiveX program that has been download to the user local machine).And also what kind of tools that can support for this testing,

Any help I;m really appreciates. Thanks