Hi all,

I need to test an application, that runs on AIX. I do not have time for a real evaluation of automation tools, nor can we spend much money.

The application is written in a 4GL-language, that does not allow context-sensitive testing, so that I need to cope with 'dull' analogue testing.
Mercury's XRunner could be a tool for testing the application, but we will be able to use a fraction of the functionality only, and for that the investment could not be justified.

I expect the best way to cope with the problem is to purchase a tool that runs on Windows and to test the app via Exceed. From a quick survey of free or shareware tools it appears to me, that there are quite some tools available, that could enable us to run the tests, that we need, but I could not find a tool that would offer much more, than pure capture/replay functionality.

Does someone know a product (apart from the well-known and expensive ones), that also offers features like

- capturing screenshots
- comparing bitmaps
- logging features
- synchronization features ?

Best regards