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    Testing Tool to test in every stage of product life cycle

    Can anyone suggest which Testing product will be suitable for testing a product in every stage.
    Chandrasekar P

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    Re: Testing Tool to test in every stage of product life cycle

    If by every "stage", you mean unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, system testing and user / acceptance testing, I don't believe that there is a product that can handle the task.

    If "stage" means something else like different platforms / OS, then you will have to be more specific about what your situation is in order to provide enough data to allow a coherent response.

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    Re: Testing Tool to test in every stage of product life cycle

    Dear Krause

    Thanks for your reply,

    Testing in all stage means, unit testing, functional testing, performance testing, stability testing and regression and nightly build testing.

    I think you are talking about project based, But I need in product based.


    Chandrasekar P
    Chandrasekar P

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    Re: Testing Tool to test in every stage of product life cycle

    My book Effective Software Testing covers a section on Knowing the Different Types of Testing-Support Tools .
    It lists a table of types of tools for each phase of the life-cycle (adapted from Automated Software Testing )
    Here is a quick summary (not meant to be all inclusive):

    Test Procedure Generators:
    Generate test procedures from requirements or design or data and object models or cause-effect diagrams.

    Code (Test) Coverage Analyzers or Code Instrumentors:
    Identify untested code and supports dynamic testing

    Memory Leak Detection:
    Verify an application is properly managing its memory resources

    Metrics Reporting:
    Read source code and displays metrics information, such as complexity metrics in terms of data flow, data structure, and control flow. They can provide metrics about code size in terms of modules, operands, operators, and lines of code.

    Usability Measurement:
    User Profiling, Task analysis, prototyping and user walkthroughs

    Test Data Generators:
    Generate test data

    Test Management Tools:
    Allow for test management such as test procedure storage and traceability

    Network Testing Tools:
    Allow for monitoring, measuring, test, and diagnose performance across entire network

    GUI Testing Tools (Capture/Playback):
    Allow for automated GUI tests. Capture/Playback tools record user interactions with online systems, so they may be replayed automatically.

    Load/Performance Testing Tools:
    Allow for load/performance and stress testing

    Specialized Tools:
    Architecture specific tools that allow for specialized testing of specific architectures or technologies, such as embedded systems.


    -- Elfriede

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    Re: Testing Tool to test in every stage of product life cycle

    Hi ,

    I think there is one tool QEngine (which may be suitable for you).

    You can refer the following link




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