I am currently doing manual testing of components (such as Win and Web components developed in Microsoft .NET framework , ActiveX components etc.) . I wish to automate these testing. Can someone please suggest which all testing tools can cater to the automation process(wholly or partially)?
FYI I am enclosing a brief overview that describes the requirements.

Checklist for .NET Component Test Automation

Outlined here is a checklist that can be considered for automating test of .NET components. The .NET component testing can be categorized into following main areas when thinking automation, and each category or part may be automated individually or combined.
Design-Time: design time interaction with the component under test
Run-Time (Non UI): run time interaction with the component under test, not involving UI
Run-Time (UI): run time interaction with the component under test, that involves UI
Performance: various performance benchmarking

Support components on
Win Form
Web Form
Component Tray
Inter-component behavior (behavior of component under test being dependent on settings on other component)
Spell check

Property Pages
Property Pages specific features
Setting reflection to the component under test
Property Window
Context Menu
Design-Time Setting Persistence into InitializeComponent() procedure
Reflection level object model intactness
Property data type
Property Get/Set status
Method and instance constructor signatures
Event handlers
Enumeration and constants
Object and object member description
Of object
Of object members
Of method parameters (in tool tip)
Of overloaded method (in tool tip)
Help invocation (low priority)
Help topic mapping correctness
Help suggestions in Dynamic Help Window

Run-Time (Non UI)
Property default value
Property value setting (in range)
Method invoke with different signatures and parameter value ranges
Event firing and sequence

Run-Time (UI)
Be able to control each UI element of a component under test, in terms of
object referencing
mouse click
mouse move/drag
keyboard input
Be able to monitor states of each UI element of a component under test, in terms of
Position (relative)

Memory usage (GDI+ object usage efficiency)
CPU usage (thread usage)
Large amount of data/object usage
Data load time benchmarking

Checklist for Web Component Test Automation

Note: Most of the general features are covered above.

Browser Related:
Browser settings (JavaScript enabled etc.)
Browser capabilities (features/limitations)
Browser versions (backward compatibility)

General Features:
Hyperlink functionality (link validation) -> Text and Graphic links.
HTML code validation (should be according to W3 standards).
State/View State management
Client Side scripting

Performance Related:
Mean time to failure
Memory leak
Response time in case of large number of users
Creating extra load on server?
Concurrent User access

Compatibility related:
Resolution check
640 X 480
800 X 600
1024 X 768
Color check (Web Color)
8 bit
16 bit
24 bit

Security Related:
Session/cookie management