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    Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    Dear All,

    Please let me know the best tool to
    Test Main Frames

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    Re: Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    What are you trying to test on the mainframe? If you are just testing an application that was written on the mainframe, but you use a Windows Emulator to acess it, then QARun or WinRunner will work.

    If you are trying to test Batch Processes and back end mainframe functionality, then I have heard a lot of good things about Compuware's Hyperstation.

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    Re: Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    With emulators- Rumba for Netmanage , I used Winrunner with Terminal emulator plug in .Its pretty stable


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    Re: Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    Of course a lot of this all depends on your environment and what exactly you are trying to test. I have actually done a good bit of mainframe testing by writing my own utility to perform the actions that I want to test. We were working in more of a batch environment so my utilities basically set up the environment, executed the functionality to test, and then examined the environment after the run.

    If anything sounds good, post again and let us know or post again with more information so we can help you out more.

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    Re: Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    I did extensive mainframe testing in the UK with SilkTest. SilkTest has an addition called "BlueExpress" which is a terminal emulator that, once toggled, creates TextFields and PushButtons from all of the greenscreen objects...There are only these two classes of object to deal with as well, TextField and PushButton (if you don't count StaticText which is basically irrelevant except to verify return values--again, best done dynamically anyway).

    ST will allow you to quickly record some basic scripts against the mainframe, which you will most likely want to make data driven (as record/playback is just another word for manual testing).

    Best of luck.
    Sean McCabe
    Paithan Group Consulting

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    Re: Best Tool to Test Main Frames

    I personally would use Hyperstation. Do you run many MQ series? Also LU6.2 or APPC? If so Compuware is your call. You will find with the new Hiperstation + edition it is very user friendly for your newbies.



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