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    How can I test a \"Pure Java\" based IDE?

    I am testing (for a few months now) a Java based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for a certain language that is designed to work (the IDE) on both Linux and Windows.
    This IDE (because it should work transparently on both Windows and Linux) is not making any use in any of the operating system functionality (for example COM on Windows) but instead is written in Java and use Java methods and resources only.
    Currently all the tests are fully manual... for example - in order to test code indentation I am actually writing a small function, select the function text, click on "indent code" and watch if the code is being indented correctly.
    Or for example in order to test code completion I am starting to write a function and watch myself if the code completion list is created in a reasonable time and include the correct completion list.
    This is of course very primitive and I want to automate it (or at least some of it).
    The second problem is that I have a restricted (who hasn't these days) budget, so I am basically looking for a tool that will cost a couple of hundred dollars (and not a couple of thousands).
    Any Ideas?


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    Re: How can I test a \"Pure Java\" based IDE?

    JUnit, this one is white box testing tool.
    But it may work for you, depends on what are you trying to do.
    JFCUnit is for teting Java Swing based apps.
    Both are free open source, so if you know some java you can do almost anything.


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    Re: How can I test a \"Pure Java\" based IDE?

    Well, Both of the tools (JUnit and jfcUnit) are not actually tools but a way to "talk" with the Java code (the application) and thus kind of test it during development.
    This is not what I am looking for [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    I am looking for a GUI based application that will allow me to "record" and "play" pre-recorded tests on my tested application.
    I was kind of playing with a nice piece of software called qftestGUI that allows you to parasitically do all this,
    There are a few disadvantages though (for example the price - 1100 Euro).

    Thanks for the reply though,

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    Re: How can I test a \"Pure Java\" based IDE?

    Do not use Winrunner. There seem to be issues dealing with the Java add-in. Have you tried SilkTest?
    Eugene Koob



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