I'm looking for an inexpensive web testing tool for my smoke tests.

We want to automate, first and foremost, a smoke test that would ensure the QA Team that the build they got from the development team is ready for further testing. The test would "browse" over all the pages of the web application, to check if everything is still "in place". For example, it must be able to find and log all the "Error 404" error messages in the application. I think this technique is called "Link Validation", or something like that.

We don't need a suite or a complete QA solution like Robot or Silk, just something to do quick acceptation testing.

Our web application is developed using ColdFusion, Javascript and running on a SQL database.

All the links in the application are dynamic, so there's absolutely no "normal" static link. I've found some tools that are okay for static links, but none worked with our web application.

Which tools would be able to do this? Any idea? Thanks!