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    Best tool for .NET

    Has anyone had experience or researched a tool that they feel will be most effective for .NET? Also, has anyone had experience with datapools that can exist in different OLE DB compliant databases?


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    Re: Best tool for .NET

    First, let me identify that I work for Segue.

    Second, you don't specify whether you are looking for .NET support for performance/load testing or for regression/verification testing. So, here is brief overview of what we offer in both areas.

    Segue offers comprehensive .NET support in our SilkPerformer load/performance testing tool. We have a fair amount of information on our Web site about it (including a free download of the SilkPerformer .NET Explorer module): http://www.segue.com/html/s_solution...et_support.htm

    Our .NET support within SilkPerformer is not just high level "window-dressing", it is very comprehensive.

    SilkTest, our regression and verification testing tool, can partially support .NET today. We are about to issue a major release of SilkTest, v. 6.0. Once that release is complete, more comprehensive .NET support will be developed for the following release.

    For SilkTest, using browser clients and WebForms, if the webforms only use standard html controls, you can test with SilkTest today. If you are using WebForms with WebControls (new controls like a grid, calendar), ST has a little difficulty - this is where we will add support post SilkTest 6.0. Last, if users are testing WinForms, again, no support today, but we'll be adding a VB-like extension to support that. You can use class mapping with WinForms and get roughly 80% recognition - radio buttons, check boxes, push buttons are all part of a new button base class, and are seen by SilkTest as the same class.

    For more information: info@segue.com or call us at 1-800-287-1329 or +781-402-1000.


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    Re: Best tool for .NET

    I have used Microsoft Application Center Test (bundled with Visual Studio .NET, Prof and Enterprise editions). I have used it for both functional and load tests. I also use it for automating deployment (we need to import files to the system via url's).

    The tool doesn't have all the features of the popular mainstream tools, but it works for me.
    http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/techinfo/articles/developerproductivity/apptesting.a sp




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