My company has recently decided to increase its knowledge in test automation and put a load of money into automation testing tools. During the previous two years we have focused (imho) to much on manual testing.... and thus is the process to plan, design, implement and execute tests, developed to support manual testing.

But what happens with the process now when some of the black-box testing will be perfomed with automation tools. I have bought Elfriede's book "Automated Software Testing" which describes (according to the authors) a structured process for designing and executing testing that parallels the Rapid Application Development methodology. This process she calls Automated Test Lifecycle Methodology (ATLM).

Since we use RAD when developing software and we are about to launch test automation, I'm interested in what you have to say about ATLM. Have anyone here used ATLM and what are your experiences with it?

And yes, I know that I can't make any concrete conclusions because each project is specific.... I'm only looking for some inputs about what constitute success and/or failure stories with ATLM, if the users as well as the management are happy with it. Do you think the ROI on the automation tools increases when using ATLM? And so on.....