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    Automated and Manual testing Strategies

    Can you please help me? My Team needs to define Testing strategies, both for Automated and Manual testing. Are there any guidelines to be followed?

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    Re: Automated and Manual testing Strategies

    1. Get your manual testing process sorted first - as this will give you a solid base for your automated approach.

    2. Remember that you can't do 100% test coverage of the application that you are supporting. This is due to the number of inputs and the possible variations on those inputs.

    3. At first keep it simple. Start with identifying your business processes and understanding what the inputs and outputs are for them - this will help you formulate your test cases.

    4. You can prioritise your test cases/business processes in many ways a couple of examples are a) frequency of use by the end-user. b) Likelihood(?) of failure when the application is live - based on how the application responded during testing.

    5. Make sure that you take plenty of proof to support your tests.

    I realise that the above are not true strategies but by treating the above as guidelines they should help you formulate a strategy that applies to your team/application/company. Remember that works for others may not work for yourself.

    Good luck,



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    Re: Automated and Manual testing Strategies

    Steve, Thanks!


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    Re: Automated and Manual testing Strategies

    I must agree with the scond post. I cannot stress how important it is to ensure that your manual testing efforts follow a detailed and full test plan. If you throw automation on top of a sloppy manual test effort you have a just added more slop.

    Make sure to create well defined test cases, provide ample documentation for research and recognize that automation is not just an extension of the manual effort but a distinct and unique development effort to itself.




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