We're to embark on implementing the automation of test scripts for a Siebel 7 project, (with an IE Client). We're running our development cycle with a RAD approach.

I'm not an expert in the field so I've got a lot of fundamental questions... I'm looking for positive and negative feedback regarding :
- The difficulties of implementing automation within a RAD environment?
- Is Rationale Robot the right tool for automated testing within a RAD environment, or are there better tools available for the RAD approach?
- Is Rationale Robot the right tool testing Web applications?
- Any experiences with running Rationale Robot for Siebel 7 Testing?
- Is there any place on the web where there are good product evaluations for automated testing tools?

We've allready invested in the licences for rationale so I'm most concerned with avoiding possible pittfalls and determining a feasable scope for the automation...