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    Looking for Ray Robinson

    Who read the article of AUTOMATION TEST TOOLS written by Ray Robinson? The author is an independent Consultant in the UK. If not, the attachment may help remind you of him. I need to contact him. It's *******. The email he provided in the article is out-of-date. I will really appreciate your help if anyone can tell me how to contact him.


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    Re: Looking for Ray Robinson

    Hi Yizhouy,

    Yes, I read his document. You can contact him at ray.robinson@blueyonder.co.uk.

    Good luck.



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    Re: Looking for Ray Robinson

    I'm here, here I am . Guess what guys and Gals I now have the info to finish my performance tool comparison to a similar level of detail coming soon (when I can stop working so much)

    The Test Force is strong in this one



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